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The device drills for an Ericsson / Eurometric screw and for an 8mm plug in 18mm chipboard / MDF, for joining "L" in two plates

The device consists of:

1). The main body that contains
- 2 8.1mm bushings for the wood plug hole
- 2 4.5mm bushings or
  5.1mm (optional) for the screw hole (only the 5mm hole is drilled with the help of the template - after which it is plastered for the euroscrew head)

- A "V" sign in the center of the part, for positioning (if the stops are not used)

- distance of 50mm between the axes of the holes and 32mm from the hole to the side of the chipboard

2). Vise-type clamping body

3) .Side stop, which can be positioned at a distance of 32mm from the center of the template

* HALDER collared bushings are of high quality, bearing the manufacturer's warranty by name.

* In case you need changes to the device, or other types of templates / devices that are not listed on the website, we are at a distance call.

* The parts are made by 3D printing from hard plastic

Additionally you need:
- 4.5mm or 5mm drill

- 8mm drill
- Depth limiters related to the above (optional)


* Images are for presentation purposes only. The pieces may have color / design differences.

Furniture template for "L" chipboard joint

  • Taxa de transport este de 19.90 RON.

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